We are a group of 50 online learning professionals – learning designers, video and multimedia pros, learning technologists, editors, graphic designers, digital librarians and project managers.

Together, we are Education, Innovation and Development (EID) at the University of London, where we devise, develop and deliver great online programmes with our partners to provide learners everywhere with access to affordable, high quality, career-relevant higher education.

We’re the engine of learning design, innovations in digital pedagogy and technology, and programme production at UoL for our portfolio of 100+ distance learning programmes serving some 48,000 students all over the world.

We started this blog to share news, views, ideas and guidance amongst ourselves, with colleagues across the UoL federation and with the wider community.

We are rushing this blog out, because we are transitioning to distributed working and fully online production, and because there is sudden mass interest in the how? and what? of effective online learning. So do bear with us if it’s a little rough’n’ready, and we hope this small contribution may be of some value.

– Sam Brenton, Director of EID, March 2020